Antique and Unique - Exceptional sterling silver and gold finds curated by Ware. Antique and vintage chain, jewellery, decorative items, and tableware that embody the principles of our brand which inspire our core collection. At the heart of the Ware identity is an understanding of the historical appreciation of precious metal, its lasting and malleable spirit as an art form. This collection is an ode to the metals, stones and jewellery industry that inspires us. Contact us for available products and bespoke sourcing. 

Bespoke Jewellery - We combine nuanced design and exceptional craftsmanship to create timeless, bespoke jewellery.  A synthesis of tradition and intrigue, each precious piece vows commitment to quality and the uninterrupted expression of your unique message. We can create from scratch or upcycle, update, redesign and reset your own jewellery to give it new life and meaning.